Volunteer Training Day

The date: Saturday 16th November 2013 10:00-12:0020130623-121742.jpg
The place: The cafe Grays Beach Riverside Park

Our first training event for all those who have volunteered to work in the Lightship Cafe in 2014.

10.00 Arrival and drinks – (20 min)
10.20 Welcome & Agenda for the day – (10 min)
10.30 History of the project
– Aims and objectives of the project – ethos etc – (15 min)
-Ask volunteers how they feel about the aims.How did you feel when you walked in the cafe? – (15 min table discussion)
11.00 Job role stations- (30 min)
Volunteers go to stations around the cafe to learn about the different roles
11.30 Availability forms – to collect information for workforce planning/rotas – (10 min)
11.40 Menu discussion – to get ideas on menu – (10 min)
11.50 Questions and Answers – (10 min)

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